Corporate Design Space

From local office occupancies to large, multi-tenant corporate campuses, Rocca creates workplace solutions that are shaped by a dedication to promoting a holistic work/life balance and employee engagement within the corporate culture. We take the language, vision, and intent and pair it with the spatial parameters to bring the space to life. This in turn creates a purposeful and engaging business environment promotes brand, function, and thriving community

Our Services


Works closely with our design team and construction partners (general contractor, construction manager, or design-build contractor) to develop detailed drawings, schedules, budgets and manpower projections before construction starts.


We take great pride in cultivating long-standing relationships with our clients. Many of our best customers are repeat customers because, unlike many other general contractors, we believe our work does not begin and end on the job site.

Construction Management

Our team of qualified construction experts can oversee your construction project from start to finish to ensure that your best interests are being served.  Rocca Construction managse general contractors and subcontractors, provide on-site quality inspections, review and process pay applications, track schedule progress, and provide punch list and warranty walks.

Design & Build

We know what makes a successful project.  As a design-build contractor, we work hand-in-hand with architects, engineers, and interior designers to ensure that costly details are eliminated and that every dollar goes towards improving the project for the highest return on investment.